The Keys to Practicing: Part III

Below are four tips to vary your music practice routine and stay energized in your playing.

  1. Mix up your practice routine.  If you are studying multiple songs, you can vary the order that you play the songs.  On one day, you could play each song for a set amount of time before moving to the next.  At the next practice session, you can play each of your songs once or twice in a row and then repeat the whole set.
  2. Avoid always playing from start to finish.  On certain days, you can focus on just practicing the more difficult sections of a song. Then, at the next practice session  try playing all the way through.
  3. Listen to your songs.  Look for different performances, recordings or live versions of the songs that you are learning.  This can renew your inspiration to work on the song or come up with some new ideas of how to play a certain section.
  4. Remember that you don’t have to play to be practicing.  There are many other music activities that you can add to your practice routine that will benefit your playing.  If you are learning to read music, you can practice sight reading and note names.  You can also focus on just the rhythmic aspect of your songs by clapping or drumming.


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