What makes learning music so rewarding?

Music - woman wearing headphones listening to musicHere are four reasons why learning a musical instrument can be so fulfilling.

  1. Listen to music in a new way.  Once you learn the fundamentals of music and how it works, you will have a different ear when listening to music of all genres.  You will understand songs on a heightened level.
  2. Play songs that you love.  It is enjoyable to hear yourself play a tune that you know well from the radio, a favorite album, or concert that you have attended.
  3. Make an impression. Music is an art form and how each individual plays and performs a piece of music is unique.  When you add your own interpretation to a song, it is satisfying to yourself and means something to your audience.
  4. Play with other musicians. Becoming proficient in an instrument provides you with the ability to easily play with other musicians.  Being part of a musical group is rewarding because of the fuller sound of many instruments playing together and the enjoyment gained from interaction with other musicians.

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